Classic Vehicle Restoration

At Signature Motor Company we use traditional restoration techniques with the aim of returning a classic vehicle back to its original condition or better using either original or reproduction parts and techniques.

We are dedicated to preserving as many original components as possible throughout the course of the restoration particularly with rare classic vehicles, in order to preserve the historical aspects of the vehicle, its components, and the processes of its original assembly.


A Complete Restoration

A complete restoration includes not only the repair of the components that can be seen which includes the body, trim, chrome, wheels, and the passenger compartment but also the parts that are not visible or including the engine, trunk, frame, driveline, and all additional parts like the brakes, accessories, engine cooling system, electrical system, etc.

Repairs are made both to correct any obvious problems, as well as for cosmetic reasons to ensure the car is restored through ugly inside and out.

We give great attention to the interior of the vehicle. It is carefully examined and restored to match those that were available from the factory. For example, the seats are repaired before being re-upholstered and the coil springs repaired or replaced.

The instrument panel on the dashboard contains a number of dials, each of which is inspected and carefully cleaned, repaired, or replaced so that it is operational and the aesthetic standards of the vehicle matches closely to when it was first sold.

We always focus on complete classic car restorations which means the repair and refinishing of the vehicle's body and frame must again go through a thorough inspection and subsequent repair and repainting as necessary to bring the car to as close to a first sold condition as possible. The frame of the body must be sound and so each vehicle is inspected for straightness, twisting, alignment, rust damage, stress fractures, collision damage and condition of the mounting points for the body, suspension, and other components before work commences. This can be a costly process, however at Signature we believe this is an important stage of the restoration that cannot be overlooked. This attention to detail is also applied to restoration of the body panels, the doors, hood and trunk.

At the heart of the vehicle lies the engine which is inspected and restored alongside related systems to get them into original presale condition before resale.

At Signature we take great pride in the restoration work we carry out on all our classic cars and motorbikes. We do not put a classic car on our forecourt until it is sound, secure and as close to original condition as is possible.



Coachbuilding is a specialist trade where a skilled worker or craftsman builds specifically or individually the bodywork of motor vehicles, a practice often associated with the restoration of classic vehicles. Usually a new body is manufactured in a limited number based on the existing chassis of a series-produced car or motorbike. 

At Signature Motor Company we understand that authenticity can be imperative to many automobile enthusiasts which is why we ensure all our craftsmen use equipment and techniques that were original to the vintage vehicle being worked on.

Where possible we use the original methodology and proper repair or fabrication to preserve the conservation of the vehicle, this can include using vintage machinery that allows us to re-create parts by various techniques established over decades of coachbuilding.

We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our classic vehicles and focus on accuracy and precision when it comes to panel fabrication. No plastic fillers are used and we apply attention to detail and exactness at every level of the coachbuilding process. 

Excellence as standard....that’s our Marque of Distinction

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